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DOPA is a sprouting venture initiated by the Doctors of Government Medical College Calicut which aims to carve the best from the bright and enthusiastic young minds who dream to dawn their future with white coat and stethoscope. Here the doctors guide the future doctors and mend them with brain enriching knowledge in a crispy manner at an All India Level with DOPA mobile application. DOPA gives medical entrance coaching for XI, XII and repeaters students and DOPA runs a student mentorship program where we shape the entrance exam crackers with friendly and informative


  • Easy and Instant Student Enrollment
  • Structured Student Management
  • Subscription Management to Maximise Value
  • Subject-wise Videos Classes
  • Public Videos for Free content
  • Question Bank for Proper Storing of Questions
  • Online Quiz & Online Exams
  • Dopamine for Glimpse Notes
  • Complaint Management for handling and managing complaints
  • Promoters Login
  • Blogs to Connect with Users
  • Doubt Clearance Module with Teacher Login
  • Discussion Module for Engaging with Learners

Educational Institution
Management System

The Indian Homeopathy Medical Association (IHMA) not only promotes the principles of gentle and permanent cure through homoeopathy but also provides a wide range of services to support its mission. IHMA offers patient care, education and training programs, scientific research initiatives, advocacy efforts, public awareness campaigns, and community outreach programs. Codesap Technologies plays a crucial role in assisting the Indian Homeopathy Medical Association (IHMA) in various aspects of its operations. One of their significant contributions is in building an e-learning platform that empowers IHMA to enhance its programs. With the support of Codesap Technologies, IHMA can offer live sessions, online exams, and other educational programs through this innovative platform.


  • Structured Admission Management
  • Public Videos for Free content
  • Question Bank for Proper Storing of Questions
  • Well-organized video library
  • Effectual Study Material Library
  • Easy Assignments: Seamless assigning and submission procedures.
  • AI-backed evaluation technique
  • Well-organized video library
  • Schedule and attend Examinations from anywhere
  • Auto valuation and result publishing
  • Doubt Clearance Module and Group chat
  • module with Teacher Login
  • Graphical representation of report for easy look over

Advanced Learning
Management System

Speakeazy English Academy is one of the best training institutes in India by its unique method and approach to coaching and training in English. They are experts in IELTS, OET, and different Spoken English courses. Speakeazy English Academy has a legacy of successful 15 years and runs Eight language learning centres in the major cities of Kerala. Codesap Technologies offers a standard Application for Speakeazy where they can easily allocate teachers and students to corresponding batches and tasks in an automated and advanced way. On the user side, they can avail themselves of the features including different types of courses, trainer, and relationship manager communication.


  • Well Organized Student Management
  • Enquiry Management for easily tracking the leads and conversions
  • Advanced Automated allocation of Students and Teachers into batches
  • Structured Course Management
  • Orderly Arranged Video Library
  • Systematic Task Management
  • Real-time Chat Module
  • Effectual Study Material Library
  • Easily Accessible Question Library to Store,Organize and Retrieve Questions
  • Effective Feedback Management
  • User List With Role Management
  • SEO Elements Management for Website
  • Smart Promo Code Management
  • Accounts for easy financial recording
  • Exam Management for Smooth Monitoring and Managing Examinations

E Learing Platform
With Integrated ERP

Study Care Education Center is our notable client in Qatar. They are the No.1 Tuition Center for IGCSE in Qatar and provide the best learning atmosphere with great attention and personalized tutorial support. Study Care possesses a great role in enhancing our services in the LMS platform outside India. The Study Care Application helps to manage class, batch, admission of a student, scheduling of teacher’s timing, and allocation of the course of a student in an advanced way. Study Care Education Center can effortlessly manage most of its administrative operations through this application.


  • Online Admission
  • Office Management
  • Class Management
  • Student Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Fees Management
  • Batch Management

E Learning Platform

Dar Al Mustafa, located in Yemen, is a prestigious university that has built a strong reputation and a diverse community of students and alumni from around the globe. Known for its commitment to excellence in education, Dar Al Mustafa provides a nurturing environment for intellectual growth and personal development. In order to enhance the university's efficiency and streamline its operations, Codesap Technologies has developed a cutting-edge web design and application specifically tailored for Dar Al Mustafa. This innovative solution simplifies the management of the university's programs, events, and tasks, making it easier for staff and faculty to handle various administrative responsibilitie.


  • Advanced Customer Relationship Management
  • User-Friendly Institution Management
  • Schedule Events and Programs Effectively
  • Manage Projects
  • Allocate Specific Tasks to Persons and Groups of Persons
  • Manage interactions for easy communication.
  • Manage roles

ERP Platform

Codesap Technologies has developed a digital learning platform for the Ministry of Technology and Communication in Laos. This platform enables the MTC to conduct online sessions for students in schools, with teachers serving as hosts and school administrators managing the process. The entire system is under the control and supervision of the Root admin, ensuring efficient and secure management of the online learning environment.

With Codesap Technologies' expertise, the digital learning platform provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for students, teachers, and school administrators. It allows for interactive and engaging online sessions, fostering effective teaching and learning. The platform offers features such as virtual classrooms, real-time communication tools, content sharing, and assessment capabilities, empowering educators to deliver quality education remotely.


  • Organised hierarchical user management system
  • Effective Teacher Management for Administrators
  • Live Scheduling with Jitsi integration
  • View Upcoming schedules for students
  • Manage Schools under AuthorityDoubt
  • Batch-wise student management
  • Practice Questions for students

E Learning Platform